Sunday, January 27, 2013


well,this is absurb
why? bcs I have no idea why I write bout it

It began on
dammit I forget the date, hmm it happened after ied mubarak 2012
I spent my ied in Bali alone but I stayed in Citra's home
The day after, she asked me if I would to join her family. WOW, ABSOLUTELY YES
They took me to AYANA

Paradise bro n sis,I dare you!

nice view, cozy place, perfect spot to spend your honeymoon :3 sounds great, isn't it?

this photos are taken by me and Citra's brother
Enterance, you can see pool and sea in the same line


We went to the Rockbar and I know you're jealous right now
First, you'll see this
fyi, there's a small romantic glass chapel to get married


You should wait quite long and the queue was..........hdioai!u"'à!éutfhsigà!ezt because this bar only has 120 seats. Fortunatelly, we came at the right time yihaaaaaa
We were at the first waiting list hahahaha how lucky I was
To reached that bar, we used LIFT yeaaaah once again, LIFT bcs it is placed near the beach
SEE...SEE? that's the bar's view from the lift


We got the table, ordered some and enjoyed the atmosphere
The bartenders, hmm I think all the staff were already tanned their skin
Everyday they work outdoor


Straight to the last, when it came to dark
speechless, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
this is the small pool, near the bar and it's very private you future husband, we can do anything we like here HAHAHAHA

(swimming ofcourse)

You just go upstair, and woilaaaa people are gathered. Just to hang out, party, or dinner


And this is the main swimming pool


Finally, this is me lalalala yeyeyeye lalala yeyeyeye

It's adorable, thank God and Citra's family hihihi
YOU SHOULD COME, and when you have a plan to go there please take me :p

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