Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Nothing to do in the rest of this week after finished my proposal. So I try to put some stuffs from my closet. Basically, I love simple things and bold colour,the most is black. Even for my room but sometimes I do wear colourful and sparkling things. My role model is Alexa Chung, oh she's adorable!
She always wears something good, I dont know why but she looks stunning with her own style altough it's just a simple dress or shirt and her messy hair. Maybe bcs her face or attitude or confidence?
I should meet her personally,someday

Oke, back to topic. I'll try to mix and match mine, some of them are never used by me. I just love to buy but have no time to wear.

Fuscia and turquois is my second fav colour, it's great with brown.

 BLACK and grey aw my love! Put your boots and red lipstick would be amazing

BLACK AGAIN hahaha but it combines with red, classic

This one is my daily outfit when I hang out with my friends, mini pencil floral skirt + crop tee and CONVERSE. Thank God, there's people who found this shoes.

As you can see, all of them are consist of skirt but the fact I barely wear it. Because I find it diffucult to wear skirt when ride motorbike. Oh once more, I love flatshoes altough I have some heels and wedges but flatshoes keeps me active and walk faster to hunt cute stuff.
What do you think,is it too much or simple enough?

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